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1937 The Etude Music Magazine - December  
Product ID: ETU1237
1937 The Etude Music Magazine - December

Dimensions: approx. 75 pages ; 13x10.5 inches inches

This issue of Wisdom magazine - the Magazine of Knowledge for all America - is dated, December 1937. Christmas Piano Family on the cover Issue- published monthly by Theodore Presser Company of Philadelphia, Pa. at a cost of 25 cents an issue, at the time. Each issue offers fascinating pieces for the musical home, masterworks, outstanding vocal and instrumental novelties and delightful music pieces for children and educators. In this issue you get articles like, Unseen Forces Charles Gay president of the New York Stock Exchange by James Francis Cooke, a story recital for children, Christmas at Mrs. Santa Claus Home by Lillian Mattern, Swing! Swing! Swing! By William Roberts Tilford with a photo and content about Louis Armstrong the King of Swing, The Ballet by Lucile Marsh, Lessons from Beethoven's Sketch Book by J. Klein, New Ideas on Octave Playing by Jan Chiapusso, The Musical Sandwich by Izane Peck, The Singers Equipment with Gladys Swarthout by Juliette Laine, The Music Lure of the Ballet by Lucile Marsh, The Etude Historical Musical Portrait Series of some of the world's best-known musicians and more. The Junior Etude by Elizabeth that is filled with musical subject puzzles, games and mentions of awards. Music includes The Christmas Tree Fairy by W. Lemont, Ye Pirates Bold by C.W. Kern, Levee Dance by F. B. Price, Snow Flower by A.L. Brown, Sarabande from Almira by G.F. Handel, Mistess Mary by H.P. Hopkins, The Pup and the Bunny by M.L.D. Stanger, Skiing by A. Richter plus others. A great collection of music information and education is in this magazine. Filled with vintage advertising for Philco audio systems with Santa Claus in the advertisment, The Rudoph Wurlitzer Company, and American Conservatory Chicago, Oliver Ditson Company of Philadelphia, D. Appleton Century Company of New York and plenty others. An original $3.00 a year subscription order form is included inside the magazine. Magazine is in excellent condition.

Price: $14.95

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